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            Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletter!            

Hi everyone!
We just returned from vacation last month and I must say that it was absolutely incredible.  For 5 days, we sailed around the British Virgin Islands - knitting, reading, eating, and just hanging out. Spent the same amount of time lounging around the islands - swimming, snorkeling, eating.... Life sure is easier when there's no work to do!!
Anyway, I returned to beautiful blue skies here in truckee and warm summer weather. i couldn't believe how warm it was (is)!! Good thing i just got a ton of summer yarn...!!

Guess it's time to start knitting some summer items...

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The retreat went wonderfully. There were 43 of us - students and teachers. The weather was incredible and all of the feedback was great. Lots of classes, food, fun and good people. For those of you that didn't attend this summer, next summer will be here before you know it!

Check out some of the knitting retreat pictures.

We have put together a baby cap and bootie kit to dye for.... (i mispelled that on purpose). Lorna's has dyed some bunny fur for us in beautiful colors and we've put 2 hanks together with a pattern for a hat and booties... packaged together in a cute pink, white, or blue organza bag, it makes a great baby shower gift!!
Cottons and Tapes - that's the story of the summer!
Cotton Cashmere... yeah - you heard me -- a cotton and cashmere blend that is to die for. It's just incredible. It's machine washable, 5 sts/inch, and comes in 16 beautiful colors (and i have them all!!)
Cotton DK ... at 4 sts/inch, this cotton is velvety soft and comes in a ton of summery colors. the blues and greens are my favorite.
Cotton Classic ... another sport weight cotton, but this one is mercerized and has a bright shiny look to it. I've got primary colors in stock, which are great for all of the toddlers in your life!
Capri ... i can't even begin to explain how wonderful this Cotton Tape yarn was to work with. as soon as the UPS guy dropped off this yarn, i had to make something out of it. (of course, at 3 sts/inch, the gauge was right in my ballpark!!). my friend wore the tank top that i made to the hairdressers and the women wouldn't stop touching her!! Comes in complimentary variegated and solid colors.
Victoria ... my latest project is using this yarn. great variegated colors, 4 sts/inch cotton blend i-cordish yarn with a shimmery finish. i'm doing another tank top from the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits (have i mentioned that i love this book?)
Rondo ... this cotton blend tape is a little different from the other. it works up a bit gauzy (like the orlando), but has more texture, a bit of shine, and deeper colors. people have loved this yarn for summery scarves and cute tops. mix it with 1 ball of eyelash on size 15 needles and have a blast!!
Orlando ... another cotton tape for the summer, but this one is very very light. almost gauzy. it's the perfect beach yarn - cover ups, sarongs, light tank tops, you won't believe it. Also around 3 sts/inch, so your project will fly by.
Street ... more cotton tape .. this one has intensly variegated colors and knits up quickly. i've seen tops done and they're great!
Mutine ... I've had Mutine for a little while, but i just expanded the color selection. 10 incredible colors for this yarn - stop by and see "the halter top that i'll never finish" - it shows how well Mutine mixes with other yarns ... and how beautiful it is by itself. Sport weight, light and linen-y with some short metallic fibers. not too shiny, though. just enough.
Summer Tweed ... silk and cotton tweed that knits at 4 sts/inch. the colors are rich and i have 15 of them in stock! only takes 3 balls to knit a small tank top. and, as usual, the pattern support is incredible. i have a tank knit in the store out of 3 different shades of red
Linen Drape ... a nice light weight linen that's perfect for shells and t-shirts (diane's t-shirt would be perfect! and she's designed a new pattern that will be knit with it). knits at 5 sts/inch. there's a top hanging on my front door knit out of the linen. it knits much softer than you would ever think. come see it!
4 Ply Cotton ... a fingering weight 100% cotton that knits up soft and smooth. i just ordered 10 more beautiful rowan colors, though i have to admit that i can't ever imagine knitting with anything that thin.... :)
Capri ... i LOVE this yarn. a super duper soft cotton blend that knits at 4/inch and has a bit of shine to it. if i do one more tank top this summer, i'm going to use this yarn.
Cascade ... another 4/inch alternative! my friend Becky is still working on a top out of this yarn... and i have a finished one hanging in my other window. it's hard to describe - the yarn is sort of tape-y and sort of railroad-y at the same time.
whew... i even have a few more new ones, but i'm tired of typing!! you'll have to come in and see them!!
And, of course, always check in to see which new novelty yarns i've gotten - 20 new eyelash colors just in the last week!
 Click here to view all our yarns in our online store!

Stop in and see what else we have!
Furry yarns are on sale for the month of July.

Come in (or order online and enter code JULYFUR) and take 20% off of the following furry scarf (and sweater) yarns:
:: My first Noro Sweater - using Diane's top-down sweater pattern (, i'm using Noro Kureyon and it's striping for me naturally! I actually just finished this last week, but I thought you might want to come take a look at it next time you're in town! It's gorgeous (if i do say so myself) and the colors are some of the richest that i've ever seen (the fibers are dyed before they're spun.) confession -- this sweater is different shades of brown. i'm sorry that i'm so boring.
:: yet another tank top - using the same pattern from The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits that i knit from earlier, this time i used Tahki Victoria in denim and brown colors. I finished this tank during the retreat and it's darling!
:: a vest that clasps in the front. soooo cute. it's a Gedifra pattern and i'm knitting with 1 strand of Maori and 1 of Cotton Cashmere -- and i'm knitting in Blue!! no more brown!! i've finished the back and am doing both front parts at the same time ... just a few more rows...
:: i started a winter sweater and am still trying to stay away from brown. this time, i chose a burgandy boucle called Chimere and i mixed it with cranberry Mutine - to give it some sparkle. Again, i'm using diane's pattern for a top down sweater, only i'm making it a bit smaller, adding a cable to the front, and am adding shaping to the sides of it (ask me how!). i love her patterns because i can use different yarns and change one or two small things and it looks completely different. and i don't have to sew anything together. that's my idea of heaven.
:: finally, i just couldn't help it... i've started knitting a throw with 6 different yarns. several women have come in lately with samples of upholstry and we've put together yarns that match perfectly... i couldn't stand it anymore - the colors were too gorgeous, so i put together a few yarns for myself to knit. you have to come in and see it - i put together a boucle (chimere), a ribbon (rondo), an eyelash (metal), a furry yarn (fee), and a shiny one (mutine). on size 19 needles, this is going to go quickly...
:: a tank top done on circular needles up to the armholes (i always convert tank top patterns - ask me how!) - using Plymouth Eros . i'm using the gold color and it's starting to look like a rain shower of jewels.. (can you imagine that?)... Ok, i gave up on this when i realized that i'd never wear it. I ripped out the eros and combined it with Charm and made an incredible shawl. the whole thing took 2 balls of eros and 4 of the charm. you'll have to come in and see it to believe it.
:: FINISHED!!! a tank top done on circular needles up to the armholes - using Tahki Capri a 100% Cotton tape that knits up bulky and quickly!! they have great variegated colors, so i just used 1 ball of each color and created some interesting and beautiful stripes... this is currently my favorite yarn - it is sooo soft and nice to knit with. The pattern is from my new favorite book - The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits

:: FINISHED!!! a purse/bag out of Rowan Biggy Print and Big Wool the bag is done with a red/pink multi color and the straps and trim are done with the matching pink. it's so cute and quick (size 15 and 19 needles) that you'll want to make one for everyone!

:: FINISHED!!! wine bottle holders - i'm using a great furry fun yarn called micro-chic that knits up quickly on 10.5 needles - i've already made one holder and given it as a present. the friend that i gave it to loved it and wants me to knit her 3 more, so that she can use them for blind tasting parties (she lives in sonoma)!!!

:: FINISHED!!! another tank top from the Yarn Girls book using Turino Silk - 100% Silk that comes in gorgeous colors. I'm using the off-white... (everyone knows how boring my color choices are...)

:: FINISHED!!! a scarf using 1 strand of Mutine - a slightly furry summer weight yarn - and 1 strand of Binario - Trendsetter's version of Eros (a railroad track yarn). I choose a lemony yellow Mutine and a Binario with LOTS OF COLOR. you should see it - it has "Springtime" written all over it....

:: FINISHED (JUST LAST NIGHT)!!! and, last but not least, a pair of incredible socks for my wonderful husband!! i'm using lorna's laces worsted weight superwash wool yarn . i already have a few pair of socks for myself from this yarn and it is wonderful. the colors are fun to knit up and the yarn is nice and soft... but long lasting. i'm knitting both of his socks at the same time - on 2 circular needles. i usually have them at the shop, so let me know if you'd like to see how i'm doing it!
:: yet another tank, but this time i allowed my creative side to shine through. i'm working on the front first (no circular needles for this one) and am creating diagonal stripes. here's my stripe pattern:
    :: sage green Mutine (the fun summer yarn i am also using for a scarf)
    :: multi-colored ribbon from Anny Blatt - in greens and purples. you would never expect shiny ribbon to knit up so nicely...
    :: sage green Mutine
    :: 1 strand sage green Mutine and 1 strand gold Eros (the railroad track yarn)
    :: sage green Mutine
    :: 1 strand sage green Mutine and 1 strand green and blue Charm - a novelty yarn from Trendsetter that has little strips of chenille in it... this section is my favorite!!!

:: felted clogs. ok, i finished the first one back in october, but just can't seem to get the needles out to do the 2nd one...
... and what do i have my eye on???
:: well, i've been wanting to knit a sweater out of vamos for myself for a very long time... i've given up and sent the yarn to be knit by someone else. how sad.  i can't wait to see it though...
:: a top out of the Online Orlando. that tape is sooo airy, i can't stand it. 
:: Stitches Midwest in August. Becky and i are headed to chicago in august to do the Stitches show. so, if i'm grumpy and stressed towards the end of august, you'll know why! Wish us luck - we're also going to the new home of Lorna's Laces to check it out... and beth, the new owner, has agreed to work at my booth on saturday and to host a "Meet Lorna's Laces" hour!! it will be a blast (she's one of the neatest people i've met).
Just who is this Jimmy Bean???
It's me - Laura! Here's how the name evolved:
When doug (my husband now) and i first met, we were listening to a new album by Todd Snider and heard a song that we loved called Doublewide Blues. In the song, one of the characters' names is Jimmy.. and he's the envy of the neighborhood because he has a blue plastic pool on his back deck. so doug started calling me "jimmy" as in "cool like jimmy" and has ever since. all of his friends call me the same thing.
when we decided to open the store, we thought that it would be a good idea to also sell coffee (and to see which worked better, the knitting or the coffee). we thought that "jimmy bean" would be cute, fitting, and distinct!! and when Diane said that she liked the name also, we decided that it was a go!!

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