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Jimmy Beans Wool November 2006 Newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Focus on: Winding a Center Pull Ball
  • Free Pattern: Annas Angel Hat
  • October Kit of the Month: Karabella Cashmere Sunsports Shawl
  • The Gifts to Knit Corner
  • Just in - Knits for Cats & Dogs!
  • New Advanced Pattern Search
  • 50% Off Sale

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Winding a Center Pull Ball

More often than not, it's the end of the day when I decide on a project & I don't have time to wind the yarn at the store. So I bring home my yarn, drape it over the back of a chair and start winding! Diane from Knitting Pure & Simple fame showed me this technique many years ago - and I've been a fan every since. Thanks, Diane!

    Step 1: Uncoil your hank of yarn and hang it over a dining room chair.


Step 2: Find the end of the hank and drape it over your index finger.


Step 3: Using the yarn from the hank, create figure-8s around your index and middle fingers.


Step 4: Continue wrapping the yarn in figure-8s around those 2 fingers - and be careful not to cross the yarn over the original end of the hank.


Step 5: Once you've created a good sized core of figure-8s, you can start to wind the yarn around that core... I always keep my fingers inside that figure-8 core, but you can remove your fingers at this point - just remember to leave the end loose!


Step 6: Now that you've wound the entire hank around the core, tuck in the end and you've got a center pull ball! Viola!

So, grab a fresh hank of yarn and give it a shot - you never know when you'll need to wind it yourself!!

Free Pattern - Anna's Angel Hat Pattern

This month, we've decided to add the directions for an adorable angora baby hat to our catalog of complimentary patterns. Many of you have already knit this popular hat, but we thought it was time to re-introduce the pattern (given the upcoming holidays). To create the hat as shown, you'll need 2 hanks of Lornas Laces Angel yarn - a hand dyed 100% Angora yarn that comes in baby-perfect colors.


Kit of the month

Every month we feature a new yarn + pattern combination at a special kit-of-the-month discount...

Cashmere Shawl

This month's featured kit is the Karabella Sunsports Shawl which uses 10 balls of Karabella Super Cashmere Fine (made from 100% of the finest Cashmere available). At 30% off, you're saving over $75 - a price you can't beat for this heirloom shawl (& perfect for weddings!) Even if you find that you're not ready to take on a project that calls for US 3 needles, you'll still want to take advantage of the incredible sale pricing on this kit... and remember, just because you buy the kit and pattern doesn't mean you're committed to knitting a shawl... 10 balls of this yarn are also perfect for a lightweight & luxurious sweater!
Sales are limited to colors on hand (we're almost out of off-white) & non-refundable, so you might want to call to check availability or list alternative colors in your shopping cart's comments box.

This kit will be available at the sale price through the end of the month (sale ends November 30, 2006).

The Gifts to Knit Corner

Welcome to a glimpse of the Gifts To Knit Corner!! This area on the website pulls together suggested Yarns, Kits/Projects, Needles, Accessories, Patterns, Books, & Instructional Articles that help you when knitting gifts for others.

Kits :: Want to knit a gift for the holidays or a birthday, but you're getting tired of scarves? Well, we've got some ideas for you! While socks seem to be one of the most popular gift ideas (especially for the in-laws or neighbors) we've seen a resurgence in knitted home accessories such as wine bottle covers, washcloths & dishrags with handmade soap, floor cushions, and afghans.

Patterns :: Whether you're knitting for your longtime best friend (think Ombre Alpaca Blanket) or all of your coworkers (quick mittens might be best), there are gobs of beautiful and stylish patterns out there. You just have to get your needles clicking! Here are some that i've done before:

Many of the suggestions below already have their own dedicated corner, but we've pulled together a few of our favorite kits and yarns that we hope you'll love:

So, whether you're a veteran knitter or just a beginner, take a minute to peruse our Gifts to Knit Corner - you'll find gifts to knit & crochet for everyone!

Team Jimmy Beans...Meet Wiley

Employee of the Month :: WILEY

Our german shepherd/greyhound mix Wiley has the esteemed job of 'product tester.' He likes to make sure that our yarns are super soft & that they'll keep him plenty warm, while providing enough style to impress the ladies. Oh Wiley.

Just Arrived :: Knits for Cats and Dogs

If you're like me, you're constantly knitting sweaters and such for all of your human friends, but seem to skip over gifts for the felines and canines in your life! Well, ever since Buddy was named Employee of the Month last month, he's been begging me to add some projects that he would enjoy... Though sometimes difficult to find, we've scoured the books and magazines are pretty excited about all of the options now available: from dog beds and sweaters to cat toys and carrying bags! Take a look at these kits - the Buddy (& Wiley) in your life will surely thank you :)

Cat Toy
From $9.50
Felted Catnip Toys
From $9.50
Small Dog Bag
From $62.96
Felted Dog Toy
From $35.80
Dog Sweater
From $27.90
Fair Isle Dog Bed
From $53.70
Canine Carrier
From $65.00
Dog Sweater
From $35.00
Canine Coverlet
From $175.00

New Advanced Pattern Search

Looking for a mens pullover pattern, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've just received some Karabella Supercashmere yarn as a birthday gift, but aren't sure what to make... Well, have no fear - the JBW advanced pattern search is here! You can now go to the advanced search area and select the gauge of the yarn & the type of pattern (sweater, scarf, etc) & the website will show you all of the single patterns we carry that fit those parameters. Or, you can simply choose "garment type: adult pullover" and "wearer:men" and you'll see a list of the mens pullover patterns we have - it's that simple!

We've recently added this feature to most of the product (yarn, books, patterns, etc.) home pages & hope that you will find it as useful as all of our employees do. Don't hesitate to give us your thoughts.


I'm desperately running out of room again and need your help cleaning off some of the shelves. We've put the following yarns on sale at 50% off and will keep them at that price until we sell out! Now's your chance to try a few new yarns at prices you'll never see again!

Kilimanjaro Mawensi Punta Mustachio Milano Delicious

Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting!

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