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December 2008 Newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Picot Cast On
  • LiveChat - Meet Chatter!
  • Scarves to Throws: Month 12
  • Kit of the Month: Supersock Select Socks
  • New Items: Pet Lamb Ornaments, Beaded Handles, Roadside Gerry
  • Sale: 25% Off Select Lantern Moons, 20-50% Off Della Q, 20% off Blossom
  • Fun Videos: Jordana Paige Rio Bag, Beaded Handles, Artyarns Beaded Yarns

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The Picot Cast On

This month, we've decided to present you with an instructional video that's accompanied by a bit of text... If you have trouble watching the video - and/or would prefer that we give you regular photos - please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll try to do that next time. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the video and instructions below!

I saw this picot cast on for the very first time last week... never even knew it existed until Jeanne showed it to me. It's amazing! What an ingenius, fun way to add some interest to the beginning of a project. Not only does it create a flexible edge that's perfect for socks, but it can dress up even the most simple of projects: hats, mittens, scarves (with the picot cast off) and even afghans or sweaters! This fun (did i say that already?) cast on can be used for pretty much everything. So let's get started... (you can watch the video, then follow the notes below when you're ready to actually get started).

  1. Create a slip knot

  2. Using the knitted cast on method, cast on 5 stitches

  3. Bind 2 of the stitches off

  4. Take the 1 stitch that's on the right hand needle and put it back on left hand needle (you've created a picot!)

  5. You now have 3 sts on the left hand needle

  6. Repeat steps 2-5, except that you'll have 6 sts on the left needle at the end of this series (and you'll have 2 picots)

  7. Repeat the above series of steps (2-5) until you end up with the desired number of stitches (it will be a multiple of 3).

A couple of notes:

  • By following the directions above, you will end up with a picot at the end of your cast on.

  • If you are working in the round (e.g., a hat, mittens, or socks), you'll see that the picots are evenly spaced after you've joined your work into a circle.

  • If you are working in the straight (?!), you might want to cast on 2 additional stitches at the end, so that you have the picots evenly spaced from both edges.

Want to see what it looks like on a knitted garment? Check out Jeanne's most recent scarf project!! Have fun (as if you wouldn't have fun knitting or crocheting) and let us know if you have any questions.

Are You Ready to Chat?

Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat

Have you noticed a new "fella" on our site lately? In the upper right hand corner of every page? That's our new friend, Chatter. Yes - Doug is responsible for drawing little Chatter - and I think he did a great job (I particularly like the blue sweater). We just added Chatter to the site a few days ago and are still testing him out (like our other employees, he gets a 30 day trial before we'll commit to hiring him full time). Currently, Ashley, Amber, and I (Laura/Jimmy) will be the ones communicating via Chatter. If you get a chance - or feel the urge - please give Chatter a shot. We could use the practice and we'd all love to be able to answer any questions you might have. Have a dye lot question? Want to know if something really is in stock? Have a question about your order? Looking for a fun gift idea? These are all things we hope to be able to help you with - more quickly and more efficiently than through email or the phone. Give it a shot and please, please let us know if you have any problems with the system - or can think of ways to make it better.... like i said, this is our first shot, so it's probably not perfect yet!

This is just another way we're working to become your local yarn store... online!

Scarves to Throws Pattern 12

We're done!! Well, almost... we still have to finish sewing them together, but at least Scarf 12 of the Scarves to Throws project is complete - and ready to be sewn. Next month we will be describing how to sewing together the scarves into a completed throw! This scarf was knit using 1 hank of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Safari, Size 10 Needles, and a stitch pattern out of the Vogue Stitchionary Book, Volume 1.

One quick note: now that we've completed the last scarf in our series, I thought you might be interested to find out the order in which we'll be sewing them together... Obviously, you can sew them together any way you like - this is just a suggestion (and below is a picture of colors 7-12, in reverse order):

  1. Harvest

  2. Motherlode

  3. Safari

  4. Charcoal

  5. Pioneer

  6. Mineshaft

  7. Pewter

  8. Baltic Sea

  9. Cedar

  10. Huron

  11. Sage

  12. Glenwood

6 Scarves Sewn Together

Kit of the Month

Every month we feature a new yarn + pattern combination at a special kit-of-the-month discount... This month's kit is the Supersock Select Coriolis Sock Kit.

Supersock Select Coriolis Socks Normally $22 (w/o book)
On Sale For $17.60

I started knitting these socks a few weeks ago (ok, maybe it was more like 6-8 weeks ago) and have really fallen in love with the design and the pattern... Definitely not a beginner project, understanding the directions really takes a bit of concentration (which explains why I haven't gotten too far) but isn't terribly difficult. You just have to pay attention and do a bit of math (that's a deal breaker for many of you, i know) and then you can really knit to your hearts content. In an attempt to try and convince a few of you to follow me along in my journey, we've made this project the "kit of the month." Enjoy!

New Arrivals: Grayson E Beaded Handles, Lorna's Roadside Gerry, Lamb Ornaments

Beaded Handle
Beaded Handles

Ok, we probably got these handles about 2 months ago, but everytime I was about to include them in the newsletter I'd look and realize that we had sold out again! This time I wisened up and made sure that we had plenty in stock before announcing them to the public (you!). We carry these hand-crafted handles (custom works of art, really) in 3 different sizes: small ($48), large ($68), and x-large ($88). If you get a chance, read the detailed description on each page - it describes the process through which the Clay Beads are created - and assembled into handles. It's amazing!
Just fyi - Jeanne used the smaller size in her Contemporary Pocketbook design.

Lorna's Laces latest shade in the Color Commentary Series has been dyed and is on its way to us as I type. This time we've learned from our mistakes - we've ordered enough of both the Shepherd Sock and the Shepherd Worsted to last us (and you) for a full month. We didn't want to run out again!
And once the yarn arrives, we'll take photos so you can see what the individual hanks look like. Wondering about the unique name? The following description comes to us straight from the horse's (um, i mean Lorna's) mouth:
Roadside Gerry
Roadside Gerry

"This color comes to us from Annie Modesitt and is called "Roadside Gerry". As many of you know, Annie's husband, Gerry Landy has been waging a battle against Mulitple Myeloma for almost two years. Along with other content, she's been chronicling that journey in her blog, with grace and humor. Their story is compelling on many different levels and when I was inviting people to join our little color fest, Annie came immediately to mind. I've asked Annie to write a little something for me describing her inspiration. I think it will be nice to hear about it in her voice. It will be posted on both her blog and the Lorna's Laces blog in the next couple of days."

Pet Lamb Ornaments

We only have a few left of these adorable Pet Lamb Ornaments, but I promise to buy more next year...These little guys are made from pure wool - the legs and face are high quality metal. Sorry - the ornaments are sold separately - the tree is not included. 1.5" tall by 2" long and about 2" fluffy wide. Each ornament is $5.50 - your friends and/or your tree is going to love them!
Update: Oops! We sold out of these before i was even able to hit "send" on the newsletter, but I have ordered another shipment. It should arrive around the 19th or 20th and we'll send any orders out then, but it might be cutting it close, Post Office-wise. I really apologize!

Sale: 25% Off Select Lantern Moons, 20-56% Off Della Q, 20% off Trendsetter Blossom

Another sale on Needles?!! Yep - you got it. This time (and this really might be the last needle sale - i promise), Lantern Moon was offering 25% off of its luxury needles - so we are stocking up - and are extending that discount to you. Take 25% off of Sox Stix, Destiny Circulars, and Ebony/ Rosewood Straights.

Sox Stix
Sox Stix

From $15.75
Destiny Needles
Destiny Circulars

Now $20.62!
Rosewood Needles
Rosewood Needles

From $14.25
Ebony Needles
Ebony Needles

From $15.75

Trendsetter Blossom is one of those great yarns that will likely never go away... it's a solid staple; a cushy, colorful heavy worsted that works up perfectly for the little ones in your life. We're getting a small shipment on Tuesday and are able to extend 20% off on all of our colors, while supplies last. Normally $13 for 92 yards, we've got it on sale for $10.40 a ball. Love the yarn, but not sure what to make with it? How about a crocheted beanie or a crocheted blanket?

Finally, we just received a shipment of overstocked and/or discontinued acccessories from della Q. With savings of 20-56%, now is the time to grab hold of an accessory or two that you've been longing to own. Personally, I love the Mazie Tote in blue, but i'm also the proud owner of the Green Sophie Que (and the matching zip pouch). I know, I know...i'm much more partial to brown than i am to green, but hey - a sale is a sale!

Zip Pouch
Sophie Zip Pouch

Was $16
Now $7
Lily Check Tote

Was $50
Now $30
Theodora Stripe Tote
Theodora Stripe Tote

Was $89.95
Now $68
Zip Pouch
Mazie Tote

Was $16
Now $12.50

Fun Yarns and Fun Videos ... from the Cast of JBW

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought you might be interested in viewing a few of our new video reviews!

Beaded Silk
Artyarns Beaded Silk and Sequins Yarn
Jordana Paige Rio Bag
Jordana Paige Rio Bag
Beaded Handles
Beaded Handles
Lana Grossa Meringo

What We're Working On

Even if i'm not working at the computer, my fingers are still going... they're just knitting instead. Same with the wonderful girls in the store! Below is a sampling of what we've gotten accomplished lately (on the knitting front, that is).

Classic Black Scarf

I've been lusting over this Lana Grossa Meringo yarn ever since we received it! Though not quite ready to start another sweater project, I've recently realized that i'm in desperate (it's all relative!) need of a black scarf. I work on a knitting store, yet i only own one scarf! So i took 2 balls of this yarn, a pair of big needles, and a stitch book (the Vogue one) and started knitting... (i cast on 15 stitches). I'll write up a free pattern as soon as it's complete (but it is just standard moss stitch).

Mtn Colors Merino Ribbon Throw
Mtn Colors Merino Ribbon Throw

This is the unbelieveable throw that all of the girls from Jimmy Beans Wool knit for Doug and me. Using various colors of Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon Yarn - and starting in April 2008 - the girls all knit at least a few rows and had it completed to give to us at the our December Holiday Dinner. Can you imagine how excited we were to receive it? As all of you know, it means the world to both of us to imagine the countless hours that went into creating such an amazing throw. We're so lucky to work with such amazing people!!

Artyarns Supermerino Scarf
Artyarns Supermerino Scarf

Jeanne from 2 Askew Designs designed and knit this scarf recently using the Artyarns Supermerino Yarn. She used the Picot Cast On (and Picot Cast Off) methods to add interest to the ends - and we think it turned out beautifully! She's working on finishing up the pattern right now...

Supersock Select Socks
Supersock Select Socks

My current sock project - and it's a doozy (sp?), isn't it? I started these socks for doug awhile ago and am not exactly sure when i'll ever finish them. They are super fun to knit and i absolutely adore the photos of the finished design, but i have trouble knitting and concentrating when it gets dark so early. I'll probably take them with me to Wisconsin for the holidays, though, and might finish them there!

Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting!

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