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September 2008 Limited Edition Color

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Limited Edition Color - Gone Fishin'

Lion and Lamb Shepherd Sock
Shepherd Sport Shepherd Worsted
2008 September Limited Edition Color :: Gone Fishin'!

Clockwise, from upper-left:
Lion and Lamb
Shepherd Sock
Shepherd Worsted
Shepherd Sport

What? It's September already??!! The passage of time never ceases to amaze me... One minute the streets of Tahoe are crowded with tourists on holiday around Memorial Day, then poof! - one second later the streets are full again - only this time it's Labor Day weekend. Where in the heck did all of that time go? It's a mystery to me, for sure. To be fair, i have heard that time speeds up as you get older... as an 8 year old, you've only been alive for 96 months, so a single summer constitutes 1/32 of your entire existence. Now that i've been around for 408 months (as of last week!), those 3 piddly summer months (1/136) are just a blip of time on the radar of my life so far. Crazy, isn't it?

What does that have to do with Gone Fishin'? Ha ha - not much (as usual), except that the name came to us (Jeanne gets full credit this time) as we were lamenting the fact that the summer has gone by so quickly... and we all wished that we could take a week off and spend it on the side of the lake, staring at the clear blue water - and maybe we'd just put a sign on the door of JBW that says "Gone Fishin'... We'll Be Back Later." Now that would be some great customer service, wouldn't it?! :)

So, no matter where these last few weeks of warm weather take you (we're headed to Mexico next week), make sure to have a few hanks of the Gone Fishin' in your travel bag... it's a fun new color packed with endless possibilities!

P.S. here's a guide to the past colors from the Lorna's Laces Exclusive Limited Edition Line.

2 at a time socks
2-At-A-Time Socks
When Lorna's sent us the sample hank of the 2008 September color, i just knew i had to knit with it. But since they only sent 1 hank, i couldn't get an entire pair of socks out of it ... Solution to my single hank problem? We picked a complimentary color in the Shepherd Sock to use for the heels and toes... and i shortened the cuff to about 4" instead of the usual 6". Though Firefly and Douglas Fir were both splendid candidates for the heels and toes, i settled on the Brick... and am happy i did!

Click here for more info on the project - as well as additional photos.
hat attack!
Hat Attack!!!
REMINDER: Time is running out to sign up for HAT ATTACK!! Signups close on Sept 8th and the battle commences on the 16th. Sponsored by Southwest Trading Company (and using 2 balls of their Therapi yarn), the last assassin standing will be awarded $500(US) worth of SWTC yarn! We've got some pre-selected colors available as kits on our website, but you can also choose Therapi colors of your own (or use a couple hanks of the Shepherd Sport, if you're allergic to jadeite).

Signup on the HAT ATTACK! website...where you can also shop for super-cool gear guaranteed to shock your friends and family (just what is that crazy knitter doing now??!!).
Ilga Leja-Balsam
Eden Cotton Pouches
Projects A'Hoy! Save your fabulous projects from the zip lock bag by storing them in Della Q's Eden Cotton Pouch. At $8 each (3 different colors), Eden is 100 percent cotton to help prevent snagging. Our first shipment of these arrives Sept 6th... and i still can't decide which of the 3 colors i'm going to choose. Hmm...
Sportweight Sock Pattern
Mid-Weight Sock Pattern

Almost everyone knows how i feel about patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple - and this pattern is no exception.... as the name implies, it's simple - and perfect for the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport - which we now carry in regular and Limited Edition colors.

Solely Socks
Della Q Solely Socks

The Solely Socks have arrived and they are prettier in person then we had ever imagined! In 4 different silk fabrics, the Lily Solely Socks case is only $26 and has six slots to accommodate five or six inch sock needles. Grab one for yourself - and one for a friend (they make terrific gifts).

Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting!

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