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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

July 2010 Newsletter

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

In this issue:

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
       How to Cable  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

How to do Cabling

Cabled lately? Me neither, but I wish I had. Cabling is one of my favorite knitting techniques... the simplest sweater or hat inherently becomes more interesting once you add in a few cables. In fact, if you were to look through my history of sweaters on the project log, you'd see that many of them are basic knitting pure and simple patterns adorned with 1 large cable, front and center. (Of course, i have tried more complicated cable patterns - such as this Braid sweater - but if i actually want to finish something, i need to stick to 1 cable.)

Is cabling difficult? No. The cabling itself isn't terribly difficult; the hard part is the concentration required to keep track of where you are. So, if unlike me, you have an abundance of concentration but have never had the skills to cable, we invite you to follow along with the Jeanne and give cabling a try! P.s. If you like the way that Briar sweater looks, try using Katia's Irish Tweed instead. This is one of my favorite sale yarns - and I have to admit that i'm surprised it hasn't sold out more quickly... it's beautiful!!

1. Be sure to count your rows using a locking stitch marker. Hold your stitches to the front or back of work (depending upon your pattern).

2. Cast on twelve stitches.

3. Knit three stitches on the right side of your work. There will be six stitches in the middle.

4. Slip three stitches onto your cable needle and hold to the front of your work.

5. Knit three stitches from the left hand needle and then the three stitches from your cable needle.

6. Knit the last three stitches and you have completed your cable.

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Kit of the Month :: Save 20%  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Mirasol Hap'i Mayo Shell

We're bringing on Mirasol! So far, we've got their Hap'i, Miski, and Sulka yarns in stock, but should be receiving a few more over the next 8 weeks. Never heard of Mirasol? We hadn't either until last year (we're a little slow sometimes), but once we got our hands (and needles) into some of it, we couldn't stop ourselves from ordering a bunch... and not only is the yarn to-dye-for (sigh - sorry), but a portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to funding a school in the remote area of Munani (in Peru) to educate the children of the shepherds. It always makes us feel good to know that our dollars are going toward a noble cause. Oh yeah! I should also mention that the superfabulous designer Jane Ellison has dedicated herself to supporting this line with a myriad of wonderful patterns. We hope you like this line of yarns and patterns as much as we do.

Mirasol Hap'i Mayo
Mirasol Hap'i Mayo
Was $50.00 to $80.00
Now from $40.00 to $64.00
(up to 20% off!)

Using the 100% cotton Hap'i and US 7/8 needles, this top uses a very simple two row repeat yet the end result looks very delicate. The lace stitch pattern knits up quickly and creates the perfect summer top, while staying cool!

Wool Watcher Alert! Keep your eye on the Wool Watcher on Tuesday July 27th for a few samples of the Mirasol yarns. We hope that once you try them, you'll love them!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Just In: Artyarns Ultrabulky  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Machine Washable Goodness!

It's here!!! Artyarns' Ultrabulky yarn is the epitome of what a 100% wool yarn should be. Not only is this bulky weight yarn impossibly soft and as itch-free as cotton, it never pills and is also machine washable! If that isn't enough, Ultrabulky comes in a rainbow of luscious colors always characteristic of Artyarns yarns and the tightly spun single ply strand has a most elegant sheen! With 110 yards per 100 grams of bulky perfection it is almost too easy to create a fashionable masterpiece. Use 1-5 hanks of this yarn and Knitting Pure & Simple pattern 107 to make a set of quick knitted slippers (great gift!) or 2 hanks to make this heirloom Spud & Chloe baby bunting.
Note: we have every color of this yarn in stock, but don't have huge quantities. If we don't have enough for your project, rest assured that we'll have more shortly!

Artyarns Ultrabulky Yarn
Artyarns Ultrabulky
Color 1015
Artyarns Ultrabulky Yarn
Artyarns Ultrabulky
Color 115
Artyarns Ultrabulky Yarn
Artyarns Ultrabulky
Color H16
Artyarns Ultrabulky Yarn
Artyarns Ultrabulky
Color 1016

Wool Watcher Alert: On Tuesday July 27th, we'll be offering a smattering of Ultrabulky at a price you won't want to miss.
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      New Yarns, Colors, and Photos  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

What's New?

We've got a few new yarns, colors, and things to update you on... we hope you find the update helpful!

Artyarns Beaded Silk Yarn
Artyarns Beaded Silk
Highlights Colors!
Did you know that Artyarns has introduced an entirely new palette of colorways? Starting with the letter "H", these incredible shades are called "Highlights Colors": the colors don't pool or flash and are perfectly blended solids (well, not quite solids... they really do look like highlights - it's almost as if the color went and had highlights put in at the hairdresser!).
Madelinetosh Tosh DK Yarn
Madelinetosh Tosh DK
140 Colors!
We LOVE Madelinetosh. Just love it. So much so that we had to buy all 140 colors that the Dk comes in... I've never seen so many variations of solid/glazed colors (and a few variegated colors). The colors are subtle, sexy, and altogether intriguing. With 140 shades to choose from, you're sure to find something to fit your tastes.
Plymouth Happy Feet Yarn
Plymouth Happy Feet
192 yds
We've got Encore!! And Encore Tweed and Fantasy Natural and Happy Feet. We're bringing in 1-2 new yarns from Plymouth every week for the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled...

Wool Watcher Alert: On Wednesday July 28th, we'll be introducing a few yarns from Plymouth to our Wool Watcher friends. Hope to see you there!
Skacel Flying Saucer Yarn
Flying Saucer
(For Socks)
Flying Saucer sock yarn from Schoppel Wolle is out-of-this-world incredible! This unique 2-ply yarn is wound so that you can knit matching socks in any of the extraordinary colorways thus making the often-tricky business of knitting identical socks from patterned sock yarn as easy as casting on! The extraterrestrial color patterning is the result of aliens personally injecting dye into the superwash wool and Nylon blend. Well, it is actually dye artists at Schoppel Wolle in Germany (they do not remotely resemble aliens) who hand-inject the dye, but the result is a pair of socks incomparable with any other in the galaxy!
Grayson E Small Rolled Suede Handles Accessories - Burgundy
Grayson E Small Rolled Suede Handles
Just in from Grayson: Suede handles! These classically fashionable handles come in a rainbow of vibrant colors from an eye-catching purple to elegant chocolate brown. The softer suede version of Grayson's durable rolled leather handles feel fantastic against your skin and come in both small and large sizes.
Rowan Knitting Magazines Books - Rowan Knitting Magazine #48
Rowan Magazine #48
The lastest Rowan Magazine, #48 is absolutely stunning! Shevawn just can't get enough of the intracate and exotic Russian Doll section that puts a new and fashionable spin on the timeless beauty of traditional Russian motifs. Rowan has outdone themselves yet again in compiling a elegant array of projects for the wardrobe and home!

Wool Watcher Alert: Keep your eye on the Wool Watcher on Wednesday July 28th for a few copies at a Wool Watcher price!
Mountain Colors Patterns - Now & Then Armlets or Fingerless Gloves
Mountain Colors - Now & Then Fingerless Gloves
I love fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm while I work on my computer and this pattern has really caught my eye. We love Mountain Colors around the shop. This great pattern uses the River Twist yarn which has the beauty of hand spun yarn. You can make them completely fingerless, or work up the 'slightly' fingered option - knitter's choice!
Lantern Moon Tape Measures Accessories - Bear Measuring Tape
Lantern Moon Bear Measuring Tape
Cuter than cute, the Bear measuring tape is the newest addition to our line of adorable and handy-dandy tape measures from Lantern Moon!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Sale Update - Noro, della Q, Lana Grossa, and Lorna's  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Save 30-50% on these items from some of our favorite vendors!

Lorna's Laces Dove Yarn
Lorna's Laces Dove
Was $17.50
Now $12.25
(30% off!)
Lana Grossa Arya Light Yarn
Lana Grossa Arya Light
Was $11.50
Now $6.90
(40% off!)
della Q The Que - Lily (Style 105) Accessories - Blue/White
The Que - Blue/White
Was $46.00
Now $23.00
(50% off!)
Noro Iro Yarn
Noro Iro
Was $20.00
Now $9.95
(50% off!)
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Lorna's Laces Limited Edition  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Limited Edition Update

Stitches 2010 Peppermint Mocha
2010 Stitches West: Peppermint Mocha
(a crowd favorite)

Vote Again Please?!?

Due to the overwhelming response to our LE Anniversary Color Contest (wherein 2 different colors will "win" the opportunity to become permanent fixtures in our Lorna's Laces line), we have closed the first vote and are now launching the vote in a new format! We're excited that this new format will ensure a fair vote while allowing you to vote for more than one color. The contest also now includes ALL of the formerly released favorites from the LE line. So please vote -- and vote for as many colors as you'd like. You're only allowed to vote once, however, so make sure your vote is a good one and may the best colors win!!

Thanks so much to all those that had previously voted and we hope you'll take the time to vote again. (And we apologize in advance for any inconvenience - we just want to make sure that the results are an accurate reflection of your opinion!)

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      On Our Needles...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Here's a sampling of our handiwork this month... !!

Miski Amiy sweater
Miski Amiy sweater
This beautiful sample made from the Mirasol Miski yarn was what inspired me to add this yarn to the inventory. It is such a beautiful design and of course the yarn is super soft. The sample is a size 36-38 and as you can see the little bit of contrast around the edge really adds to the piece. The book by Jane Ellison, The Mirasol Collection Book Three, has so much more in it that I am going to be adding it to my library very soon.
Jeanne's Dawn
Jeanne's Dawn
I think Jeanne litterally jumped for joy when she found out we were getting the Isager Wool 1 yarn and asked almost everyday when it would be in, so she could get going on her Dawn shawl from the book The Fine Line. She tells me that the yarn has a fantastic hand and is working up like a dream. She decided to go with a purple color scheme and I think it is turning out beautifully.
Sandy's Soleil Scarf!
Sandy's Soleil Scarf!
A super easy drop-stitch pattern paired with some fabulous yarn from Trendsetter, results in a unique scarf that is adorned with die-cut leaves and beads! This new Soleil yarn from Trendetter really sparks the imagination!
Sweater with cables
Sweater with cables
Leanne has become quite the knitter lately and she dove right into the cover sweater from Rebecca magazine #39. She chose Berroco Weekend yarn for her project and has discovered she can knit a bit tight, as the pattern calls for US 7 needles and she is up to a US 9, so be sure to check your gauge. She is working up the small size, 30/32 bust and it is turning out amazing, don't you think?
We just got the Berroco Campus yarn into the shop and one of our regular customers Kelly dove right in and is doing this great sweater, 'Bourtanger' from the pattern book, 301 featuring this yarn. She is working hers up in color 2476 Inky while our sample shown here is done in 2490 Cram Session. Kelly tells me that the pattern is working up quickly and of course uses larger needles US 10 1/2, so what's not to love? This sample is knit in size 36 and with it's two button closure will be easy to wear.
Be Sweet Diagonal Striped Shawl
Be Sweet Diagonal Striped Shawl
Terry has been playing with color combinations for her Be Sweet shawl ever since the yarn came in and this is the beginning of her project, wow!! She is adding one more color so her project will have 6 color changes in it. She says the pattern is amazing to work up and the yarn is like knitting with air!
Leanne's Traveling Woman
Leanne's Traveling Woman
Wow the girls are all a bit nuts around here for The Traveling Woman shawl and Leanne is no exception! She grabbed a hank of the Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Twilight and whipped this beautiful piece out in no time! You can find the pattern here which is free
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      In the Store...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Knit Night each 4th Thursday

Join us for our open knit night on the 4th Thursday of every month from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. We keep the shop open for any little odds and ends you may need during the evening and we are happy to help you with your knitting questions too. It is a great time to meet other knitters share ideas, tips and techniques. There is a $5.00 cover charge and everyone's money goes into a Gift Certificate for a drawing about half way through the night. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers and you could win the biggest gift certificate ever! See you there!


You can find the most recent class schedule here. **Class note: If there is a specific class you would like to take please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you. In the summer months we combine our class schedule due to summer vacations, but please ask if you would like to schedule a private lesson, or class. And we are always looking for good class ideas and instructors, so if you would like to teach please let us know and we will be happy to take a look at your class proposal.

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      2nd Quarter Beanie Bucks Are Still Available  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Another reminder before you start shopping... the 2nd Quarter of 2010 Jimmy Beans Bucks have been issued! If you earned a reward, your reward and free shipping coupon are both currently in your account. Make sure to log into your account while ordering and you will see both. We have already sent out the email notifications with your reward amount and your personalized free shipping coupon code - hopefully you have already taken a look!

If you didn't earn a reward or aren't familiar with this incredible FREE YARN program take a look now! In a nutshell, if you have a JBW account and made purchases last quarter (April 1st - June 30th), you received an account credit equal to 5% of those purchases (with a few rules, of course). We were very excited to issue far more rewards during this round compared to the previous four rounds -- we really hope everyone enjoys this program!! :)

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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