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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

September 2010 Newsletter

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

In this issue:

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
       How to Use Double Pointed Needles  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Use Double Pointed Needles

How to Use Double Pointed Needles

Many knitters (myself included) find double pointed needles to be a bit scary when they first encounter them. The first time I saw someone knitting with them it looked like their project was eating their hands -there were just so many needle points going every which way! While they may look daunting, using double pointed needles is a great skill to have as a knitter. You can use them for socks, finishing the tops of hats, sleeves, and an endless list of other projects (I use mine for legwarmers). In this video, Jeanne demonstrates just how easy it is to learn this valuable knitting skill!

1. Cast stitches onto one double pointed needle.

2. Slip six stitches onto each needle. Make sure all stitches are facing the same direction. The purl bumps should be on the inside of your work.

3. Cross your needles with the working yarn, making sure that the work is facing you. Use the tail to mark the beginning of the round.

4. Join the round and start knitting to ensure that there will not be a gap. Using your right hand needle slip the first cast on stitch to this needle. Use the left hand needle to slip the last cast on stitch up and over the top of that first slipped stitch. Don't drop it off. Knit normally and adjust needles as you go.

5. To avoid "ladders" when working from one needle to the next needle give your first stitch an extra tug to make sure there aren't any gaps in your work.

6. Work around to your next needle. Alternate your needles as each needle becomes your next needle to work with. Work to end.

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Kit of the Month :: 1824 Wool  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

1824 Wool Mont Blanc Turtleneck

Mission Falls 1824 Wool Mont Blanc Turtleneck
1824 Wool Mont Blanc Turtleneck
Was $89.60 to $174.95
Now from $71.68
(20% off!)

The featured kit this month is a timeless turtleneck sweater design from Mission Falls. Mont Blanc, a cozy sweater from the popular pattern book Silhouette, is knit in scrumptiously soft 1824 Wool! The fold-over cabled collar and cabled detailing on the waist and cuffs give this sweater shape and style and is a perfect choice for afternoons on the slopes or as part of your wintery wardrobe.

A great sweater for the snowy season, this kit is on sale at 20% off in the color 02 Stone (discount is limited to this color only)!

And don't forget - the 1824 Wool is machine washable...!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Drumroll Please...It's Here!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Our Exclusive Landscape Collection...
by Misti Alpaca

Andie's Room
Andie's Room
100% Baby Alpaca

After months of planning and hard work the Landscape Collection is finally here in all of its hand-painted glory! This collection is the collaborative effort of Jimmy Beans and Misti Alpaca to bring you twelve indescribably gorgeous colorways in Misti Alpaca's impossibly soft chunky alpaca yarn. Exclusively available from JBW, the Landscape Collection is hand-painted by artists in Peru using a technique that employs hundreds of shades which yield a unique and incomparable fabric in each colorway.

Speaking of colors, we had a blast naming all twelve after locations and landscapes in our favorite movies! If you're a movie buff, try putting that knowledge to the test and guess the movies that inspired the color names! Or if you're knitting a gift for one of your cinematically inclined compadres, consider knitting a scarf, had or sweater vest with a color related to one of their favorite flicks. And stay tuned to facebook and twitter, as we'll be doing all kinds of fun stuff to promote this exclusive line of colors. Looking for project ideas? Some of our favorite kits are below!

Misti Alpaca Landscape Collection Huck's Earflap Hat
Huck's Earflap Hat
by 2 Askew Designs
Kit from $23.40
Misti Alpaca Landscape Collection Meadow Bolero
Meadow Bolero
by Heather Miller
Kit from $70.20
Misti Alpaca Chunky Shawl Collared Cowl
Shawl Collared Cowl
by Never Not Knitting
Kit from $29.60

Also, be sure to check out the free patterns designed specifically for the Landscape Collection on the JBW Free Patterns Page (the links above are to the kits we created out of the free patterns). We held a design contest earlier this year on Ravelry and the seven finalists outdid themselves with seven fabulous patterns! Starting with the next newsletter, we'll be introducing you to each of these independent designers, including our grand prize winning design by Heather Miller, the Meadow Bolero.... so stay tuned!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Lorna's Laces: A Fan Club!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Limited Edition Fan Club

Calling all Lorna's Limited Edition addicts!!!

Due to popular demand, we are finally launching an Official Jimmy Beans Wool LLE Fan Club effective this Wednesday, Sept 22nd at 9 am EDT!

What will the free membership in this great club offer you ask?

Here is just a sampling of the benefits that will be available EXCLUSIVELY to LLE Fan Club Members:

  • advance sneak peeks on new color ways
  • behind the scenes glimpses of what goes into making this fabulous yarn
  • members can post in photo galleries and get a chance to showcase their design skills

    (who knows, maybe your design will be featured in the next JBW newsletter?!)
  • members can participate in contests to choose and name upcoming colorways
  • members are automatically entered into lottery to win 1 skein of that month's color in every weight
  • the chance to participate in periodic KAL and design contests
  • the chance to participate in periodic contests with great prizes such as yarn, swag and free patterns
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn
'10 September
Chocolate Mousse
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn
'10 October
The club will be hosted on our facebook home page, so if you're not yet a member here is a great reason to join in the folly! We chose facebook as the venue because it's an easy place to keep track of your favorite yarn, post photos of your all beautiful projects, and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow club members.

We'd like to get your email address during sign up in order to award prizes. Email address will be required to win any prizes. We will also be sending out occasional e-newsletters for announcements and updates, but the bulk of what the club has to offer will be offered only on the facebook fan page.

Let us know of any questions you may have when you sign up, and be sure to check out the question/suggestion tab on the LLE Club facebook page as well.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the club house, and remember, the Lorna's Limited Edition colors are available exclusively at Jimmy Beans Wool!!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Just In: Stitch Nation Yarns  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Stitch Nation

Debbie Stoller, author of the extremely popular Stitch 'N Bitch books, has gone one step further and created her own line of yarn! Made from all natural fibers in eye-popping solid colors, these quality yarns are economically priced and can be used for just about any project. With three different fiber options to choose from, that won't be too hard! Alpaca Love, Full o' Sheep and Bamboo Ewe are all worsted weight yarns with lots of project potential. And at $4.99 per ball, the potential is even greater! The Stitch Nation website also offers a ton of free (and stylish!) patterns, so be sure to take a look. :)

Bamboo Ewe
Stitch Nation Full o' Wool Study Hall Vest
Study Hall Vest
From $14.97 to $29.94
Stitch Nation Alpaca Love Cabled Chapeau
Cabled Chapeau
From $9.98 to $14.98
Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe Filigree Cardigan
Filigree Cardigan
From $24.95 to $56.90

P.S. We've posted some of our favorite projects as kits (see above), including the trendy Study Hall Vest(Full o' Sheep), the Cabled Chapeau (Alpaca Love), and the elegant crocheted Filigree Cardigan (Bamboo Ewe). We hope you like these yarns as much as we (and our in-store customers) do!!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      New Yarns and Colors  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

What's New?

We've got a few new yarns, colors, and things to update you on... we hope you find the update helpful!

Trendsetter Frivola Yarn
Trendsetter Frivola
Trendsetter's Frivola is a fantastically frivolous fiber (sorry, I couldn't resist!)!! But seriously, Frivola is just too much fun with its gigantic poofs strung evenly along a binder string. This novelty yarn is squishy soft and comes in an array of flashy colorways and a hint of metallic sparkle that knits up super quick into comfy scarf or cowl!

Wool Watcher Look for a great deal on a few balls of this Trendsetter yarn on Thursday Sept 23rd.

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL Yarn
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL
Bulkier and possibly more beautiful, Silky Wool XL is everything you love about Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool -like its squishy softness and tweedy texture- but knits up quicker into a deliciously thick, warm fabric! A heavy worsted, XL is great for winter knitting and makes luxurious scarf or delightful hat. The heathered colorways are also great for showing off stitch patterns, so be sure to break out some cables and bobbles when knitting with this finger-tickling fiber!

Wool Watcher A few lucky knitters/crocheters will get their hands on some Silky Wool XL at a great intro price on Thursday Sept 23rd!

Schulana Pattern Books - Crealana 27 - Fall 2010
Crealana 27 - Fall 2010
Crealana 27 is here and full of stylish projects for the chillier months of the year! Projects in this pattern book are designed with Schulana yarns such as Kid-Seta and Mosco (my favorite shimmery yarn!) in mind. Whether you're in need of a goes-with-everything cardigan, fashion forward wrap or shrug for those evenings out, or an eye-catching pullover to keep you warm and in vogue, this issue of Crealana has something for every occasion!

Wool Watcher We have received 10 copies of this fantastic booklet at a huge discount due to minor damages such as a crinkle in the spine or bent corners. Aside from small cosmetic flaws on the outside of these books, they are in perfect condition and we are passing the savings on to you! Be sure to keep an eye on Wool Watcher Friday, Sept 24th for a chance to grab this issue of Crealana at a fraction of the price!

Alsatian Soaps & Bath Products Knit Happens Hand Therapy Salve Accessories - Fragrance Free
Knit Happens Hand Therapy
As much as we love it, working with fibers can take its toll on our hands and skin. Shall we say, "Knit Happens"? Thankfully the folks at Alsatian Soaps know how rough it can be when your skin is in need of some serious moisturization and created Knit Happens Hand Therapy Salve! Available in both Fragrance Free and Jasmine Bergamot, this salve comes in a compact tin that can go with you and your knitting anywhere!

Wool WatcherFriday, Sept 24th - watch for a few tins of Knit Happens!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Sale Update - Yarn, Needles and Bags  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Lots of Yarn on Sale, but we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites...
Elsebeth Lavold Calm Wool Yarn
Elsebeth Lavold Calm Wool
Was $10.00
Now $6.35
(36% off!)
Queensland Collection Bamboo Cotton Yarn
Queensland Bamboo Cotton
Was $6.00
Now $3.60
(40% off!)
Sublime Soya Cotton Yarn
Sublime Soya Cotton
Was $7.00
Now $4.25
(39% off!)
Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy Yarn
Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy
Was $7.00
Now $4.25
(Select Colors)
2nd Quality Grayson E Handles 45% off.
We just got a very small shipment of some 2nd quality leather handles. At 45% off, you won't even notice that they are 2nd quality!
Grayson E Large Rolled Leather Handles Accessories - Red  (2nd Quality)
Large Rolled
Was $46.00
Now $25.30
(45% off!)
Grayson E Large Rolled Leather Handles with Buckle Accessories - Black (2nd Quality)
Large Rolled with Buckle
Was $68.00
Now $37.40
(45% off!)
Grayson E Leather Handles - Small Rolled Accessories - Bone (2nd Quality)
Small Rolled
Was $34.00
Now $18.70
(45% off!)
Grayson E Cross Body Braid Leather Handle Accessories - Red (2nd Quality)
Cross Body Braid
Was $50.00
Now $27.50
(45% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Dk and Worsted: Save 50%

Each week, we'll be getting new colors of the Green Line DK and Worsted from Lorna's Laces and we'll be selling them at 50% off. If you see a color you like, grab it quickly because once we sell out, we're out! Here are a few of the colors we have in stock this week:

Lorna's Laces Green Line DK Yarn
Green Line DK - Icehouse
Was $15.00
Now $7.50
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line DK Yarn
Green Line DK - Andersonville
Was $15.00
Now $7.50
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted Yarn
Green Line Worsted - Chocolate Mousse
Was $20.00
Now $10.00
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted Yarn
Green Line Worsted - Natural
Was $20.00
Now $10.00
(50% off!)
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      On Our Needles...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Here's a sampling of our handiwork this month... !!

Fresco Fair Isle Jacket
Fresco Fair Isle Jacket
Sandy has fallen deeply in love with the Fresco Fair Isle Jacket from the Curvy Knits Cambridge book. She is knitting the medium size, which has a 42.5 inch bust. She chose a bit of a different color scheme and "Wow!" is what we are all saying around the shop! She is having a lot of fun knitting this up and the yarn is super yummy so her fingers are very happy. I can't wait to see this project move along, come on Sandy knit!
Bulky Flap Hat
Bulky Flap Hat
Since the Malabrigo Rasta yarn came in and all of us have been trying to decide what to make with, but Sharon got going and chose the Mac and Me Bulky Hat Flap pattern. It is amazing and only used one hank of this beautiful hand dyed yarn! She only has to sew it up now and is already planning her next hat for her sweetie!
Hemlock Ring Blanket
Hemlock Ring Blanket
I happen to know that Jeanne has wanted to work up Jared Floods Hemlock ring for sometime now and has always loved the Cascade Eco Wool, so she finally took the plunge! She will be making it as big as she can get it for her daughter's someday wedding shhhh! and picked up 3 hanks of the fabulous yarn to work it up with! She is just starting the feather and fan portion now and says it goes fast since there are 4 knit rounds on each repeat. She did mention that you may want to count up your stitches after each full repeat to make sure you are on the right track and once you get past the 2nd or 3rd feather and fan, may want to consider life lines just in case.
Cashmere Beret's
Cashmere Beret's
Sandy got the ball rolling by working up the Koigu Beaded Beret and of course knitter see, knitter do! Jeanne had to jump on board and had been wanting to work with Fresco, so she grabbed a hank in red and 1 in white for her Mother in Law and she was off! This pattern is amazingly elegant in it's simplicity and she got both hats done in no time and if you ask her she will be doing some more, but just has to decide on the colors. She especially loved blocking them on the plates what a great idea!
Citron Shawl
Citron Shawl
Barbara is one of our favorite in store customers and Sandy and Jeanne knit with her regularly, boy I bet those are wild knitting events!! When she stopped by the shop for show-n-tell of her beautiful Citron done in the Schaefer Anne everyone had to come and take a peek. The yarn is luscious and the pattern is to die for, so now we all want to cast on and do this one too! She did go stash diving and used a lovely hank of the discontinued Clara Barton, but there are so many amazing colors it won't be hard to substitute.
Mae's Courthouse Steps Blanket
Mae's Courthouse Steps Blanket
Mae has been stocking up on all of 2009's Lorna's Laces Limited Edition colors in the sport weight and she is doing a courthouse steps blanket inspired by the book Mason Dixon Knitting! Some of the squares she did need more than one hank as the blanket got bigger of course the squares got bigger too! She is using the same yarn in the charcoal as her out lines and is almost finished! Way to go Mae this is awesome and thanks for sharing it with us.
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      In the Shop...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Brave New Knits
Book Signing: October 28th
6:00 pm until 8:00 pm

Book Signing: Brave New Knits

We are thrilled to be on Julie Turjoman's agenda as she promotes her wonderful new knitting book 'Brave New Knits'. She will be in the shop on the evening of October 28th, from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm and coming along with her will be the ENTIRE trunk show from the book!

Due to limited space we would love to get an RSVP, so we can stock up on refreshments and make sure we have enough books for Julie to sign. We know you are going to enjoy Julie as much as we do. We can't wait to see you there!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
       Thanks for Reading and Happy Knitting!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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