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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

May 2015 Micro-Brewed Limited Edition Release

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

In this issue:

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Introducing our May Micro-brews Inspired by Superheroes!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
May 2015 Micro-Brews

This month, we were so inspired by (and excited about!) the release of the new Avengers movie (and the May Lorna's Limited Edition color, Assemble!) that we decided to carry the superhero theme through to the Micro-Brew series. We asked our three dyers this month, Yarn Carnival, String Theory, and Phydeaux Designs, to dye us a color inspired by their real life heroes. The resulting yarns are so much fun, we wish every month could be superhero month!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Yarn Carnival Fire Dancer in Jacques Cousteau  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Yarn Carnival Fire Dancer
First up we have Yarn Carnival! You might remember them from Yarn-mas; we loved their interpretation of 12 Drummers Drumming so much that we had to invite them back to be one of our Micro-Brewers!

Jacques Cousteau is head-dyer Ana's lifelong idol. She set out to create color inspired by the legendary underwater explorer, dyed on her fingering weight Fire Dancer base.

We think the color spot on... no, really, the color is deep oceanic blue dotted with jewel-toned colors found under the sea... and of course some red for his iconic red dive cap!
Our very own Monika was so inspired by this color that she designed the Deep Sea Shawl and Shrug (either of which just takes one skein!).

This straightforward pattern features undulating drop stitch waves and an open fabric that knits up surprisingly quickly for a fingering weight yarn on a US 2.5 (the suggested needle size for this pattern) - yet another reason to love drop stitches!

The result is a drapey fabric ideal for shading your shoulders while you're out in the sun.
Deep Sea Shawl and Shrug
Zodiac and Calypso - available at Loops Knitting
Additionally, Loops Knitting , our LYS Micro-brew partner in Tulsa, OK, commissioned two gorgeous colors in Yarn Carnival's scrum-yumptious 'Snake Charmer' yarn base that also take their cues from the intrepid diver himself.

Named for Jacques' two boats, Zodiac is a cool gray and blue mix, while Calypso is a tonal ocean azure. Each work up beautifully solo, or do as Loops did and pair the two colors together for the Light and Up Shawl!
Be sure to check out Yarn Carnival's website for all of their hand-dyed goodness!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      String Theory Tinker Island Fingering in Red Rocker  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Next up we have String Theory's Tinker Island Fingering in Red Rocker.

Kristen met the fabulous folks from String Theory at Stitches East a few years back, and fell in love with their gorgeous yarns. (Don't tell Kristen we told you this, but she may have fallen asleep cuddling with this yarn once... let's just hope she didn't drool all over it!)

Strange bed fellows aside, Red Rocker is a subtle blend of rusts and reds in homage to Tanis at String Theory's love for dynamic red-headed lady rockers.
Red-headed Lady Rockers and Red Rocker yarn
String Theory Tinker Island Fingering
In search of inspiration for this color, she turned to her Spotify playlist to find that the common red thread was red hair!

Musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Florence Welch, Jenny Lewis, and Neko Case made up the bulk of her list, and she couldn't help but design a color to pay homage to these amazing rockin' women!

One skein is all you need to knit the Teasdale Shawlette by Corinna Ferguson or the Watchet Curl from Hunter Hammerson's newest book - Curls!
See more of String Theory's drool-worthy yarns (including Kristen's favorite, Caper Sock in Digeridoo) on their website.
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Phydeaux Designs Petite in Totoro  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Our final superhero inspiration is none other than the great Hayao Miyazaki!

Known for many anime films including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke (all favorites around here, among many of his others), Mr. Miyazaki is also the creative hero of Brenda from Phydeaux Designs!
Her May color mirrors the playful palette of the Miyazaki classic, My Neighbor Totoro.
Phydeaux Designs Petite Fingering
Herald Shawlette
Dyed on Petite, a soft, fingering weight single ply base, Totoro is full of forest-y greens, sky blues, red (like the pinafore the littlest girl wears), Totoro grays, and Cat Bus golden browns - this yarn is a veritable smorgasbord of fun hues!

Kristen loved this color so much she snagged a skein and cast on for the Herald shawlette. The color is looking great knit up!
Find more of Phydeaux Design's stunning yarns and colorways on their website.
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      More Stitch Marker Pouches from Chicken Boots!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Chicken Boots May 2015 Pouches

To coordinate with this month's Micro-Brew colors, Saremy at Chicken Boots has cooked up two more adorable stitch marker pouch designs for us, including one using Totoro fabric to coordinate with Phydeaux's color!

The other, Fruits and Veggies, is a tasty print featuring mason jars of fresh produce. Be sure to check out these cute pouches for holding all of your markers and small notions!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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