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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

January 2016 Micro-Brewed Limited Edition Release

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Welcome to Yarnia!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Micro-Brews 2016 - Chronicles of Yarnia

We've been busy brewing up a brand new batch of one-of-a-kind hand-dyed yarns, and this year's Micro-Brewed Series theme is all about our next-favorite hobby to knitting: reading!

We're calling it the Chronicles of Yarnia (see what we did there?) and each month will feature three hot-off-the-press colors from your favorite hand-dyers (and a bunch new faces as well!) and their favorite fiction. It's going to be a compendium of color!

Of course, to kick things off, we had to base January's yarns on the real Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, a favorite series of children and adults the world over for more than 60 years. The magical world of Narnia has inspired countless other authors, dreamers, and artists, and it's certainly inspired our hand-dyers this month!

Take a look at what they've created - like the books, you'll never grow too old for these gems!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Knitted Wit: Victory DK - Aslan  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Knitted Wit - Victory DK
Lorajean of Knitted Wit in Portland, Oregon chose the magical, talking lion, Aslan as inspiration for her colorway this month, and it's absolutely majestic: tawny golds make a gorgeous canvas for splashes of deep burgundy and rust, calling to mind the shaggy mane of a lion and a robe of royalty!

It's dyed on the Victory DK base, a 100% superwash merino yarn produced entirely in the U.S., from sheep to skein! The 280 yards in each hank are more than enough for a pretty hat, like the Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda, or a colorful cowl - how about Zuzu's Petals by Carina Spencer? It's enough to make you roar with delight!
For more from Knitted Wit, visit Lorajean's Etsy Shop or the Knitted Wit Blog!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Solstice: Luna Sock - Turkish Delight  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
For any kid reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, nothing can match the allure of the Turkish Delight candy offered by the White Witch to Edmund - I mean, if it's worth betraying your entire family, it must be pretty darn good!

But there's no way the real thing is as delicious as the Turkish Delight we just received from Tricia at Solstice: a tonal, rosy pink as delicate as a flower petal, as sweet as a magical confection! On the Luna Sock base, a fingering-weight blend of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon with 430 yards to the hank, it's delightful in large amounts or small: try it in the Darling Emma cardigan by Joji Locatelli, or the Poe Shawl by Corrina Ferguson!
Solstice - Luna Sock
And if you are still craving more Solstice (I mean, who wouldn't?!?) check out the gorgeous tonal purple color called 'Blackcurrant Delight' they dyed for our friends at Loops Knitting in Tulsa, OK!

For more enchanting yarns and colors from Solstice, visit their Ravelry page or the Dublin Bay Knitting Co. website!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Holiday Yarns: FlockSock - Ice Queen of Narnia  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Every good book series needs a villain, and Narnia's Ice Queen is as mean as they get - who creates a thousand-year winter without one single Christmas???

She might be redeemed by this month's color by Holiday Yarns, however; their Ice Queen of Narnia is not only beautiful, it keeps you warm! An icy mix of tonal blues that's right at home in any season, this color shines in fingering weight, superwash merino/nylon blend FlockSock - all 400 yards of it!

We'd love to see it in some tantalizingly textured Char Gloves by Andrea Rangel, or a queenly Starshower Cowl by The Yarniad!
Holiday Yarns - FlockSock
Want every day to be a holiday? Visit the Holiday Yarns website!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Have a Muddy Spa Experience while you Read (or knit!)  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Black Rock Mud Soap
This year, we've pulled a bit of a switcheroo: for our special notion of the month, we've teamed up with Black Rock Mud to create a series of one-of-a-kind spa treatments, all featuring the goodness of alkaline-rich Illite clay from our very own Black Rock Desert!

These gals are the true micro-brewers: the owner, Shelly, and her daughter make each batch of their products right at home using pure, clean mud (we know how it sounds, but trust us) from a single-source hot spring pool.
This month, they're taking us back to our roots with a Lake-Tahoe-themed mud soap in a deliciously fresh scent that's as brisk as an alpine breeze!

This soap will cleanse your skin and soften it at the same time, thanks to the high mineral content of the mud. Lather up! (And don't worry - we're still offering the adorable Chicken Boots stitch marker pouches as part of our 2016 Toshstrology Series!)
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Still on Tap - Micro Brewed Yarns from 2015!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Thanks for Reading and Happy Knitting!  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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