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The January 2016 Beanie Bag: A Selection of Cascade Yarns!

Beanie Bag Contents
January's Beanie Bag features 4 Cascade yarns, each constructed differently!

P.S. Love your Beanie Bag? Hate it?
Either way, we want to know how you feel - and what we can do better next time!! (Our goal is to just keep making these bags better and better and better!)

P.P.S. Thank you!!!!!!!

Beanie Bag Free Patterns

Try all the yarns with one easy project! Whether you knit or crochet, you can make this stripe-tastic sampler kerchief in no time. Use it as a head scarf, or cozied up around your neck!

Originally designed as a knitted piece by Shannon, one of the owners of Cascade, Leawesome took her concept and made a crochet version as well.

We hope you enjoy this super-quick project that lets you test drive the yarns in your January Beanie Bag!

You can click on the images to download the patterns, or get them here:

Knitted Kerchief .PDF file

Crocheted Kerchief .PDF file
Knit Kerchief
Crochet Kerchief

Beanie Bag Education

Jimmy Beans U (University!)
Not sure what the differences are between yarn constructions?

In these helpful videos, Leanne breaks down how each construction behaves and what makes each one unique!

Different Projects for different types of Constructions

A classic plied yarn, Lana d'Oro is made by twisting thinner threads of yarn together. Having multiple plies makes a yarn stronger, reduces piling, and adds bounce and loft!

It also happens to be the most common yarn construction and is what most people think of when they think of yarn.

For more free patterns featuring Alpaca Lana D'Oro, visit the Cascade Free Patterns page on their website!

Instead of having multiple strands, Highland Duo is simply one spun strand of fiber called "single ply".

While single plies aren't quite as sturdy as plied yarn (sometimes tight knitters and crocheters find that this yarn will break under too much tension), it tends to be super soft and holds dye well resulting in saturated hues with lots of depth.

More free patterns with Highland Duo can be found on the Cascade Free Patterns web page!

This yarn has a chainette construction where the strands of fiber that make up the yarn are looped or woven together, similar to a knitted i-cord. Chainette construction is awesome because it makes the yarn light and lofty, even when it is a thick ultra-bulky!

Another perk is that the interconnected strands add stability to fibers like alpaca, preventing them from "growing" more than it would as a single plied or stranded yarn.

For more free patterns featuring Cloud, visit the Cloud and Eco Cloud Free Patterns page on Cascade's website!

Constructed by taking whispy brushed alpaca and wrapping a nylon binder thread around it, El Cielo is a lace-thin yarn that can be carried along with other yarns.

It adds a soft halo to the fabric, or worked by itself on almost any size needle to create a cloud-like fabric!

More free patterns with El Cielo can be found on the El Cielo Free Patterns web page!

We just plain love Soak Wash. Soak is a rinse-free wool wash, meaning you can wet block or hand wash your hand knit and crochet items by simply soaking them in a water and Soak solution, then lay them out to dry! There's no extra rinsing required and no soapy residue once your handmades are dry!

Not only does Soak make blocking and hand washing easy, we love the light scents it comes in (in addition to scentless), the way it relaxes fibers to really let lace and stitch work shine, and helps to clean out debris in more rustic yarns.