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The November 2015 Beanie Bag: Mixing it Up with Shibui!

Beanie Bag Contents
November's Beanie Bag contains some of our favorite Shibui yarns:

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Beanie Bag Free Patterns

Ready to take your Shibui Samples for a test drive? Check out November's free knit and crochet pattern to get started!

This month's pattern was designed by our own Leanne Spinazola! A headband that can be knit or crocheted in two sizes, the best part about this pattern is that it lets you try many different combinations of Shibui yarns worked together, all while making something wearable. You can find Leanne as Leawesome on Ravelry, be sure to check her out!
Mixin' It Up Knit Headband Mixin' It Up Crochet Headband

Discover more small-yardage projects with which to try out your Shibui samples by perusing our Small Yardage bundle on Ravelry!

Beanie Bag Education

Jimmy Beans U (University!)

Shibui yarns are made to be mixed up. While they all work up beautifully on their own, you can knit or crochet with the same yarn held double or triple, combine different yarns to create a whole new fabric, or find the perfect combination to get gauge for your favorite Shibui pattern. Learn a bit more about mixing all of Shibui's yarns and mixing with your Beanie Bag yarns in these videos and blog post!

Not sure which yarns go with which or what combinations of yarns can be used with which Shibui patterns? Shibui has created this handy dandy Mix Guide that shows you nearly all the possible combos and what you can make!

If you're not digging the suggested combinations for a pattern, you can download this guide as a PDF file to find a different pairing that creates the same weight yarn needed for a pattern.

Mix Options with your Beanie Bag Yarns!

Maai + Pebble

By itself, Maai (pronounced "ma-ah-ee") is a luxuriously lofty DK weight merino alpaca blend. And when you combine it with the tweedy softness of light fingering weight Pebble, you have a truly unique fabric!

Together these two make a heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn on a US 9 (5.5mm). Try going up or down a needle size to find the perfect ratio of drape to squishy softness!

Staccato + Maai

Staccato was one of the first Shibui yarns we ever carried, and has long been a staple in Shibui's line-up. A sophisticated blend of merino and silk, Staccato has a softy shine, that, when combined with the chainette Maai, nearly glows.

The two held together work up as a heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn on a US 9 (5.5mm). The fiber trifecta of silk, alpaca, and merino make this combo super-warm and ultra-soft.

Cima x 2

Who says you can't mix a yarn with itself?! Laceweight Cima may not be for everyone as a single strand, but hold it double and you've got a sturdy sportweight that knits up beautifully on a US 4 (3.5mm)!

A delightfully warm blend of baby alpaca and merino, Cima's tight ply and buttery texture make for crisp stitch definition and a light flowing fabric.

Pebble + Cima

It may look rustic, but tweedy Pebble feels heavenly! A blend of recycled silk, merino, and cashmere, Pebble adds the look of tweed with the exquisite softness of a luxury yarn.

Pair it with Cima and you've got a DK weight yarn that knits up on a US 6 (4mm).

Soak Wash

We just plain love Soak Wash. Soak is a rinse-free wool wash, meaning you can wet block or hand wash your hand knit and crochet items by simply soaking them in a water and Soak solution, then lay them out to dry! There's no extra rinsing required and no soapy residue once your handmades are dry!

Not only does Soak make blocking and hand washing easy, we love the light scents it comes in (in addition to scentless), the way it relaxes fibers to really let lace and stitch work shine, and helps to clean out debris in more rustic yarns.