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Reveal of Tosh Clubs and Semi-Precious Taaffeite!
Jimmy Beans Wool

New Year, New Clubs, New Gift Ideas!

More Tosh

We've got a fever and the only prescription is MORE TOSH!

New and improved Tosh Clubs are here and they're just what the doctor ordered! Today brings the official reveal of our new 2018 club offerings and what we like to think of as a "sorting hat" for knitters: the Club Wizard!

Club Wizard

A "sorting hat" for knitters!

For our 2018 clubs we took your feedback to heart and worked closely with Amy of Madelinetosh to bring you a year's worth of cohesive color schemes that even the most discerning knitters will love. Rest assured, in 2018 we're leaving the color design up to the professionals!

We're also bringing you updated packaging, more shawl yardage, exclusive yarn bases, beautifully printed patterns and clues, color options, and fun surprises along the way!


Give our Club Wizard a whirl to find the club that's right for you, or use it to find the
perfect gift for a friend! You can also click the icons below to learn more:

productGroupName_1 productName_1


productGroupName_2 productName_2


productGroupName_3 productName_3



Even more Just@Jimmy's Yarn Clubs:

The 2018 Tosh Clubs aren't the only things new and improved this year! Thanks to the awesome suggestions from our current subscribers, we've also made some pretty cool changes to our Beanie Bag and Micro-Brewed Clubs. If you aren't a subscriber, 2018 is definitely the year to give them a try!

productGroupName_1 productName_1


productGroupName_2 productName_2


productGroupName_3 productName_3


Semi Precious Taaffeite

We're wrapping up our 2017 Semi-Precious Tosh Series (and maybe a few hanks as presents!) with mauve-colored Taaffeite, a gemstone so rare it's a million times scarcer than diamonds.


Nearly 75 years ago, the Austrian gemologist Richard Taaffe purchased a parcel of spinels and upon inspection realized one of them was doubly refractive instead of singly refractive like the rest. Laboratory testing confirmed it as a new species, making it the world's only known mineral to have been discovered as a cut gemstone rather than as a rough crystal.

And just like the rare gemstones of the world, our exclusive Taaffeite colorway is only available in limited quantities, so get yours before it's gone!

Semi-Precious Taaffeite
Madelinetosh Silk/Merino yarn productName_1

Madelinetosh Silk/Merino yarn


Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky yarn productName_2

Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky yarn


Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn productName_3

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn



Semi-Precious Taaffeite Projects

Garland Cowl

Wendy's Tosh Merino Garland Cowl

Semi-Precious Squares

Monika's Tosh Vintage Semi-Precious Throw

Taaffeite Rikke Hat

Jenny's Tosh DK Rikke Hat

Favorite Strings

While it's clear we have a severe Tosh addiction, we would be remiss to deny our obsession with these other smooshy yarns. We love these yarns A LOT, and as it turns out - so do you! Grab a skein or two for last-minute Christmas knitting, or stuff 'em into some stockings!

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn productName_1

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn


Malabrigo Rasta yarn productName_2

Malabrigo Rasta yarn


Cascade 220 Superwash yarn productName_3

Cascade 220 Superwash yarn



And things!

Speaking of stocking stuffers, have you seen these stuffable gifts?

Blue Sky Fibers Pretty Cheep Project Bags productName_1

Blue Sky Fibers Pretty Cheep Project Bags


Anna Bee Jewelry Metallic Measuring Temporary Tattoos productName_2

Anna Bee Jewelry Metallic Measuring Temporary Tattoos


Grellow & Gray The Sirka Counter productName_3

Grellow & Gray The Sirka Counter


Jimmy Beans Wool Gift Certificates productName_1

Jimmy Beans Wool Gift Certificates


The Beadsmith Storage Box productName_2

The Beadsmith Storage Box


Katrinkles Animal Needle Gauge productName_3

Katrinkles Animal Needle Gauge


Cocoknits Maker's Keep productName_1

Cocoknits Maker's Keep


ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable Sets needles productName_2

ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable Sets


Cocoknits Maker's Keep Accessories productName_3

Cocoknits Maker's Keep Accessories


Tosh Farm
Huck riding in the tractor

Earlier this year, Jimmy (aka Laura), Doug and Huck traveled to Texas to visit Amy, owner of Madelinetosh. They spent a weekend roaming her farm, hanging out with her adorable "guard" donkey, and playing with the horses. Huck even learned how to operate a tractor!

More importantly, Jimmy and Amy hunkered down and got to work finalizing our 2018 Tosh Clubs. Head over to the blog to read all about it!

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