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Laine, Father's Day, Fuzzball, & Fresh Deliveries!
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Quick Shot Duel Needs a Champion, You Decide!

Father's Day Knit Guide

As May comes to a close, we're setting our sights on summertime and all that comes along with the longer days and sunny rays. We've celebrated all of the mamas of the knitting world, and now it's time to celebrate the dads! The dads who taught you how to ride a bike, kept the boogeyman at bay, and kissed the boo boos away. Sure, dad might not be a knitter himself, but he's alway been your number one fan! Knitting is important to you, so it's important to him.

While your crafting prowess might have matured over the years, surpassing macaroni necklaces and stick figure drawings that hang on the fridge, dad's love for your creations remains the same - if you made it with your own two hands, it's a work of art! And, nothing says, "I love and appreciate you", quite like a knit gift.

Put your needles to work, and treat dad like the king that he is this Father's Day, with one of your crafty creations! Kyle has compiled a list of 5 perfect papa bear gifts for dear, ol' dad. Head over to the blog to see each of the kits he's come up with!

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Laine Magazine No# 5 Pastel

Laine Magazine Laine Nordic Knit Life No# 5 - Pastel

Laine Magazine Nordic Knit Life

No# 5 - Pastel

Celebrating dad and all that he means to you is a top priority this time of year, but celebrating yourself every once in awhile is of importance too. Treat yourself to a little knit-dulgence with Laine Magazine No# 5 Pastel, newly released today! Nordic-inspired knits and lifestyle pieces will have you feeling transported to a faraway land and inspired to create. This magazine is simply stunning, and we squeal with delight every time we flip through the pages! These kits are a sampling of what you'll find, and we hope that they inspire you as much as they've inspired us!

Manos Del Uruguay Fino Adrift Shawl Kit

Manos Del
Uruguay Fino

Adrift Shawl Kit

Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag Nutkin Pullover Kit

Mrs. Crosby
Carpet Bag

Nutkin Pullover Kit

CoopKnits Sock Yeah! Lotta Dress Kit

Sock Yeah!

Lotta Dress Kit


Fuzzball is on the big screen!

We've been counting down our stitches, the day is finally here - Fuzzball is on the big screen! Whether you'll be flying solo or going with friends and family, knit yourself a Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl, and you'll arrive to the movie theater in style! (Extra brownie points: Treat dad to a movie date! Extra, extra brownie points: Let him borrow your Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl for the movie...maybe...if he promises to give it back at the end.)

Lorna's Laces Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl Kit yarn RRWWWGG!

Lorna's Laces
Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl


fuzzball video

Fuzzball: The Sequel

Ailene Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl

If you loved the original, you'll surely be enamored with Ailene's Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl! Knit using one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Cozumel and two Lorna's Laces Staccatos, one in Cheery and one in La Regina, this speckled stunner is sure to give you heart eyes! Just one look, and you'll feel like you're at the beach! (Whether you want to bring dad along for your beach trip is up to you!)


Fresh Deliveries!

Plymouth Yarn Estilo Hand Dyed yarn 01 Aqua Mix

Plymouth Yarn
Estilo Hand Dyed

01 Aqua Mix

Knitter's Pride Row Counter Ring Size 7

Knitter's Pride Row Counter Ring

Size 7

Plymouth Yarn Incan Spice yarn 04 Navy

Plymouth Yarn
Incan Spice

04 Navy

Universal Yarns Bamboo Pop yarn 306 Grape Dots

Universal Yarns Bamboo Pop

306 Grape Dots

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light Nakia's Infinity Scarf Kit

Tosh Merino Light
Nakia's Infinity Scarf

Plaid Blanket Kit

Universal Yarns Uptown Worsted yarn 360 Midnight

Universal Yarns Uptown Worsted

360 Midnight

Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom Handpaints yarn 326 Enchi

Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom Handpaints

326 Enchi

Vogue Knitting International Magazine '18 Spring/Summer

Vogue Knitting International Magazine

'18 Spring/Summer

Plymouth Yarn Estilo yarn 107 Sapphire Heather

Plymouth Yarn

107 Sapphire Heather

Quick Shot Duel

Knit 'em up, move 'em out!

Howdy, partner - it's time to duel! Quick Shot duel, that is. We've partnered with Madelinetosh to bring you brand new, never-before-seen Tosh colors, currently available in 3 of your favorite Tosh bases: Tosh Merino Light, Twist Light and Tosh Vintage (exclusively at Jimmy Beans!).

Dueling this week, we have Tosh Merino Light + Glitter Beta Crucis and Patagonia. Beta Crucis is a colorway of cosmic proportions - a gorgeous mixture of purple, blue, green, and pink tones. Your needles will be happy you knit with this one! Patagonia is a beautiful combination of blue tones, highlighted by subtle green tones. It will make your needles sing!

Who will emerge victorious? It's up to you! Don't be a namby-pamby! Pony up and head over yonder to our Facebook post to cast your vote. By hook or crook, we'll have a champion!


Projects on our Loom!

Gus' Clasp Weave Stole

Gus' Clasp Weave Stole

Gus was feeling particularly inspired by our new Plymouth Estilo yarn, so much so that he wove a stole! We love how his stole turned out, the muted colors and subtle striping effect remind us of a beautiful Southwest sunrise. The silky-soft combination of fine merino superwash and Mulberry silk make you want to stay wrapped in this stole forever! Way to go, Gus!

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