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Week 8 Sale+Magical Kits+Order of the Phoe-KNITS!
Jimmy Beans Wool

You're a wizard, Jimmy!

Seven Seas Summer Sale

If you tried to visit our website earlier this week, you might have noticed that we were experiencing some *ahem* technical difficulties. In search of answers, we sent our trusty tech wizards deep into the dark, murky recesses of the Jimmy Beans website. Though it took them a few days to find the pesky cause, carefully guarded by the merpeople of Jimmy's Black Lake, they emerged victorious from their journey to the depths. The website is now back up and running!

In all seriousness, thank YOU for your patience this week, friends, we really, really appreciate it! In celebration, we've extended our Summer Sale to run an additional week, and we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders until Sunday, July 23rd! Yes, you read that right! Your favorite 6 brands featured during our Seven Seas Summer Sale (Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, Lorna's Laces, Manos Del Uruguay, Delicious Yarns, and Berroco) will be back on sale TODAY! You'll find goodies at 25%-65% off. Don't miss your second chance at catching a Golden Stitch - these elusive deals won't stick around long, grab them while you can!

Madelinetosh 25-30% off!

25%-30% Off!

Malabrigo 25-35% off!

25%-35% Off!

Lorna's Laces 25-40% off!

Lorna's Laces
25%-40% Off!

Manos Del Uruguay 25-40% off!

Manos Del Uruguay
25%-40% Off!

Delicious Yarns 50% off!

Delicious Yarns
50% Off!

Berroco 25-65% off!

25%-65% Off!

Which House Are You?
Wizard Scarf

Returning to the big screen this November is the second installment of a certain story relating to... incredible creatures? Fanciful monsters? Imaginative critters? You catch our drift. Bottom line is, we're excited, and we just can't hide it!

In honor of our most beloved wizard's 38th birthday on July 31 (hint, he wears glasses and has a lightning bolt-shaped scarf...err, scar), we've put together these magical Cascade 220 Wizard Scarf kits! Are you brave or loyal? Witty or cunning? Sure to show where your allegiance lies, each kit includes 4 hanks of Cascade 220. If you're not sure which House you belong to, we can help you sort it out!

Cunning Serpent Wizard Scarf Brave Lion Wizard Scarf
Loyal Badger Wizard Scarf Wise Raven Wizard Scarf

Order of the Phoe-Knits!

Yarn Wizard

The Order of the Phoe-Knits is headquartered here at Jimmy Beans, and led by none other than our Yarn Club Wizard. His mission is simple: spread yarn magic across the world! To do so, we offer several yarn clubs, delivered straight to your mailbox by owl (a.k.a. postman). What could be better than getting a box in the mail, you might ask? Getting a box of yarny goodness, of course!

What do you say, crafters, are you in? Can we count on you to be a member of the Order of the Phoe-Knits, dedicating yourselves to spreading the magic of yarn to all corners of the globe? (Woohoo! We knew we could count on you!)

Yarn Wizard
Beanie Bag Club Big Beanie Bag Club

If samplers are your cup of tea, then we have just the thing for you! Our Beanie Bag and Big Beanie Bag Project Clubs bring you a carefully curated selection of small yarn samples, including our favorite yarns new and old, useful notions, and yarn-know-how from our experts every month, resulting in a 3-month progressive project! The contents of each bag are a mystery until you open it, which we like to think is part of the fun in discovering new yarns and techniques!

Take a peek at our already released 2018 Beanie Bag Club Projects and Big Beanie Bag Club Projects!


If you're a "Bold Betty", inspired by powerful women of the past - and the present-day women leading the yarn industry - then the Micro-Brewed Club is for you! We've partnered with a series of "indie" hand-dyer revolutionaries to create gorgeous, limited edition colorways. Each month, we'll introduce you to the work of one new dyer (a "Micro-Brewer"), one new exclusively dyed yarn, and one "Bold Betty" from history!

Take a peek at our already released 2018 Micro-Brewed Club Projects!

Micro Brewed Club
Tosh Bespeckled Shawl Club Tosh Blanket Club Tosh Collectors Club

If you're mad about Madelinetosh, we have THREE clubs that might be for you! Our Bespeckled Shawl Club features 80 yard samples of Tosh Merino Light - some months will be a speckle and some months will be a solid! The Blanket Club includes 1 skein of Farm Twist, delivered each month, and is available in 3 different color options! The Collector's Club is perfect for those of you building your stash or creating a larger project - you choose the base (Tosh Merino Light, Twist Light, or DK Twist), we'll send you 2 skeins dyed to your liking, solid, speckled, or a surprise!


If crochet gets your creative juices flowing, then our Crochet Project Club might be right for you! This club brings you a carefully curated selection of yarn samples (20+ yards each), including our favorite yarns new and old, useful notions, and yarn-know-how from our experts every month, resulting in a 3-month progressive project! With more yarn yardage than our original Beanie Bags - and less yardage than our Big Beanie Bags - we think the Crochet Club is just the right size!

Take a peek at our already released 2018 Crochet Club Projects!

Crochet Club

Knit Royal!

Hurry! Hop on the train, and head back to Kings Cross Station. You'll be a quick broom ride (or long walk... your choice!) away from the Tower of London, where the Crown Wools are being kept. A quick flick of the wrist and a whisper of "aloha-more-uh" will get you inside. On the other side of the door, you'll have 12 mini hanks of Anzula Squishy waiting for you! Though The Crown Wools KAL started yesterday, there's still time to catch up - order your kit today, and you'll be a knitting wizard in no time!

The Crowl Wools Casapinka KAL

Crown Wools Mystery KAL

Shark Bite 3D

Shark Bite 3-D Kit

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!

Across the pond, we're eagerly counting down to SHARK WEEK! All of you dedicated shark watchers snapped up the original color option, faster than a shark attack, but we still have a few daring alternatives to choose from! Starting this Sunday, July 22nd, we're holding our breath for a chomp-y good time! There's still time for you to snag a Shark Bite 3-D kit before they are gone for good!


Hot Right Now: Baylee's Favorite Finds!

Summer has officially arrived, and here in Reno it is hot, hot, hot! (It's been in the 100s!) That's why, this week, we're all about the patterns heating up on Ravelry. Check out 3 of Baylee's favorites below, complete with yarn recommendations!

Bella Ravelry


Recommended Yarn:
Tosh Mo Light Onesies

Lyndsey Ravelry


Recommended Yarn:
Cascade Avalon

Allie Ravelry


Recommended Yarn:
MJ Yarns Sophistisock

Stash Rewind

We're over halfway through the month (eek, where has July gone?! Better question, where has 2018 gone?!), which means you only have a few days left to get your #StashRewind entries hashtagged on Instagram! We'll rewind the stash of one lucky crafter - if your project is selected, you'll win a Jimmy Beans Wool gift certificate for the cost of the yarn used in your winning project... no magic or time-turning necklaces required!

Stash Rewind

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VK Live San Francisco!

We're headed to San Francisco for VK Live! in September! Come visit us September 21st-23rd in our booths - 330 & 332! You can try out our brand new invention, SmartStix, and be the first to know our BIG secret. Check out our fashion show on Saturday, September 22nd, to catch a glimpse of our BIG secret, in person! We hope to see you there - use code VKLSFSPONSOR25 for 25% off your tickets!

VK Live!

Projects on our Needles!

Furrows Shawl Laura

Laura's Furrow Shawl

With Houses on the brain this week, we couldn't help but notice how Laura's Furrow Shawl is knit in House colors. In fact, the Royal Engagement 2 kits are all paired up in House colors. Coincidence? Hmm, probably. Either way, this gorgeous shawl kit is available in Laura's choice, Rubies with Gold, or Emerald with Silver. Get your kit, and you'll be rockin' your shawl in true wizard-style!

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