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Fresh Deliveries from Anzula, BSF, & Berroco!
Jimmy Beans Wool

E.T., Phone Jimmy!


This week, Jimmy and the Beans have been on a quest to find yarn that is out of this world! We've traveled to the far reaches of the yarniverse, with a simple mission. Find. Cool. Yarn. At the controls of our spacecraft, Yarn-Deavor, is Lauren, Purchaser Extraordinaire: purchaser of yarn by day, captain of the Yarn-Deavor by night. Lauren has us rocketing towards our first destination, Anzula!

A planet of epic proportions, Anzula is located in the Cali-yarn-ia Galaxy. We've heard rumors of a milky soft yarn, with drape and sheen so stellar, it is said to be to-dye-for! As we disembark the Yarn-Deavor, we are greeted by the smiling faces of the Anzula-ites. In their hands they have what we now know is called Milky Way. This milk protein and merino wool combo has us head over space boots! As we fawn over the yarn-y goodness, the Anzula-ites bring out their newest creation, Lunaris. This stunning yarn combines Nebula, a yarn we universally know and love, with CASHMERE. Let's just say, the Yarn-Deavor is taking off from Anzula a bit heavier than when we landed...

Anzula Milky Way yarn Claret

Anzula Milky Way


Anzula Milky Way yarn Aqua

Anzula Milky Way


Anzula Milky Way yarn Navy

Anzula Milky Way


Anzula Lunaris yarn Black Cherry

Anzula Lunaris

Black Cherry

Anzula Lunaris yarn Teal

Anzula Lunaris


Anzula Lunaris yarn Navy

Anzula Lunaris


Eco-Cashmere Woolstok Jumbo

We continue our journey into the yarniverse with a stop at Blue Sky Fibers. This planet is full of alien-like creatures called 'alpurlas'. These furry critters most closely resemble alpacas back on Earth. Communication is difficult, but they seem to understand our mission. The chief alpurla presents Lauren with their two most recent fiber creations, Eco-Cashmere and Woolstok Jumbo. We've never felt anything softer than this Eco-Cashmere, and we're already planning big, chunky knits for the fall with Woolstok Jumbo. Arm knitting, anyone?! Needles[s] to say, our spacecraft is dragging a bit, as we bid farewell to the alpurlas!

Blue Sky Fibers Eco-Cashmere Princeton Capelet Kit

Blue Sky Fibers

Princeton Capelet Kit

Blue Sky Fibers Eco-Cashmere Roscoe Scarf Kit

Blue Sky Fibers

Roscoe Scarf Kit

Blue Sky Fibers Eco-Cashmere Skyline Slouch Kit

Blue Sky Fibers

Skyline Slouch Kit

Berroco Pixel Skye Header

Last stop on our trip around the yarniverse, Berroco, 3rd rock from the Cali-yarn-ia sun! During our stay with the alpurplas, they told us of yarn with colors so bright, you'll need sunglasses to gaze at them across the Skye. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but these beautiful yarns are sure to put a twinkle in your eye - Pixel perfect!

We've heard whispers of never-before-seen colors of Nebula, and the Berrocians certainly didn't disappoint. They've packed our ship full of their newest designs and fiber! We've officially reached max capacity, and must return the Yarn-Deavor to the mothership, affectionately nicknamed the Yarn Barn. Up, up, and away... we've got creating to do!

Berroco Booklet 398 Skye Patterns Rosings

Berroco Booklet 398

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Skye 7603 Cygnus or 7627 Perseus

Berroco Booklet 398 Skye Patterns Pemberly

Berroco Booklet 398

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Skye 7627 Perseus or 7660 Pegasus

Berroco Booklet 398 Skye Patterns Oakham

Berroco Booklet 398

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Skye 7625 Leo or 7643 Aquila

Berroco Booklet 397 Pixel Patterns - Fern

Berroco Booklet 397

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Pixel 2215 Sorbet & 2224 Licorice or 2210 Grasshopper & 2228 Vanilla

Berroco Booklet 397 Pixel Patterns - Miss Honey

Berroco Booklet 397
Miss Honey

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Pixel 2210 Grasshopper or 2224 Licorice

Berroco Booklet 397 Pixel Patterns - Granger

Berroco Booklet 397

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Pixel 2236 Clove or 2203 Coconut


Hedgehog Has Landed!

Did you hear, did you hear?! About a month ago, we announced that we are now the proud purveyors of Hedgehog Fibres. You, our fine fiber friends, were just as excited as we were - we sold out almost immediately! Well, we've got some good news for you fiber fiends, HEDGEHOG IS BACK! Snag a skein before these beauties catch a ride in a fellow fiber fanatic's shopping cart!

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK yarn Birthday Cake

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK

Birthday Cake

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK yarn Down By The River

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK

Down By The River

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK yarn Poppy

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK


Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles yarn Heyday

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles


Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles yarn Monarch

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles


Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles yarn Pinky Swear

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles

Pinky Swear

Eddy House Reno

Knit with a Purpose!

One of our sweet local customers, Ralyne, needs your help! She's knitting socks for the Eddy House here in Reno, a local organization that works with homeless and at-risk youth to help develop the life skills necessary for independent living. Helping local youth, ages 12-24, with care and comfort services, they are in need of warm socks to provide youth for the upcoming fall and winter months.


This is where you come in! Ralyne needs her fellow fiber friends' help to provide the Eddy House with 60 pairs of warm, washable socks before cold weather hits our area. There are not any pattern, fiber, or size limitations, though washable yarn is recommended! We suggest using any of these Cascade sock yarns, but you can also stash dive! If you'd like to help Ralyne keep local youth warm this winter, socks can be mailed to:

Jimmy Beans Wool
Attn: Eddy House Sock Donation
4850 Joule Street #A1
Reno, NV 89502

Cascade Heritage yarn 5627 Jade

Cascade Heritage

5627 Jade

Cascade Heritage Silk Paints yarn 9927 Dark Forest

Cascade Heritage Silk Paints

9927 Dark Forest

Cascade Heritage Silk yarn 5655 Como Blue

Cascade Heritage Silk

5655 Como Blue


Hot Right Now: Alex's Out Of This World Finds!

Summer is in fully swing, and here on Earth (Reno, to be more specific!) it is hot, hot, hot - it's been in the 100s! That's why, this week, we're all about the patterns heating up on Ravelry. Check out 3 of Alex's favorites below, complete with yarn recommendations!

Meteor Shower Beanie Ravelry

Meteor Shower

Recommended Yarn:
Noro Kureyon and
Cascade 220

Flightpath Shawl Ravelry

Flightpath Shawl

Recommended Yarn:
Berroco Quinoa and
Berroco Medina

Star Wars Lue Ravelry

Star Wars Lue

Recommended Yarn:
Cascade Roslyn


Meet a Bean!

Ever wonder about the Beans behind the yarn? The Beans that pull your orders, answer your phone calls, and ship your Beanie Bags? This week, we introduce you to Nate!

Nate Bean

Q: What do you do at JBW:
A: Wool Watcher Wizard

Q:Which is your favorite planet?
A: Mars

Q: Star Wars or Star Trek?
A: Star Wars

Q: If you could design your own yarn colorway, what colors would you use and what would you call it?
A: The color would be called Mellowdrama and it would be made up of blues, white, and purple with a splash of yellow!

Q: What is your Hogwarts House and Patronus?
A: I am a Hufflepuff and my Patronus is a praying mantis.


Projects on our Needles!

Occam Scarf Delicious Yarn Project Log

Delicious Yarns' Occam Scarf

From our friends at Delicious Yarns, featuring their newest Fresh Baked Yarn Club, '18 Summer - Coconut/Jellybean/Honeydew Choc Chip: "Occam is an asymmetrical scarf that takes a simple idea for a joy ride of mathy, nerdy, stylish fun. We made the middle size from the pattern and there was no game of "yarn chicken" with this one! We alternated Coconut Sweets throughout, with Jellybean Speckles through the first half, then changed to Honeydew Chocolate Chip to finish it out." Okay, where did our needles run off to?? We're ready to cast on!

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